Financial Blacklisting: Internet Superstar Catturd Says Bank of America Shut Down His Podcast’s Account

Bank of America recently shut down a new account associated created for the In the Litter Box podcast  hosted by Jewels Jones and conservative pundit and best-selling author “Catturd.” Jones described the situation as the left exerting control through any means necessary: “They are going to control you at any means or any methods that they possibly can. They’re going to exert their control over you.”

On Thursday’s episode of the In the Litter Box podcast, Jones explained that she realized there was a problem with her new bank account — created for the podcast — when she wasn’t able to wire money to Catturd.

Please help me trend this tonight because it’s true. Retweet …#BankOfAmericaIsCommieTrash

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) October 12, 2022

“I called the bank, and they sent me around and around and around, and I said, ‘Look, can I just make an appointment and come in? I would like to talk to you about my account. It’s frozen,’” Jones explained.

“So I made an appointment. Of course, when I got there, they claimed I didn’t have an appointment,” she continued. “I walked into the bank and they said, ‘Well, why don’t you just have a seat, we’ll have the manager come out.’”

Jones went on to explain that when the manager came out to speak with her, “it was almost like he could not wait to see me.”

“He was really thrilled to tell me that my account had been shut down, that he wasn’t going to give me any explanation, he had no reason to give me an explanation, and that I would be receiving a letter from Bank of America and the powers that be in the mail, and a check if they owed me any money,” she said.

The manager said, “We don’t have to give you a reason. This is a decision that’s final. We don’t have to give you any reason at all,” according to the podcast host.

“I was so shocked,” Jones said. “I have been kicked off of social media — but when they start messing with your actual finances and your money, that’s a whole other level.”

Catturd added that the bank account was likely shut down because when Bank of America employees saw Jones’ name on it, and then looked up which social media account her podcast was associated with, they found “Catturd.”

“All I know is that I have been targeted, and it hasn’t just happened on social media, but now that they have moved on to my personal finance, this is pretty scary,” Jones said.

“It’s the situation that we’re in right now with these elites and the establishment running the show,” she added. “They are going to control you at any means or any methods that they possibly can. They’re going to exert their control over you.”

Catturd, never known for his restraint and subtlety, responding to the situation by causing #BankOfAmericaIsCommieTrash to trend on Twitter.

Bank of America did not respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

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