FOX News Bloodbath: All-Important 25-54 Demo Numbers Falls Off a Cliff

FOX News continued to lose viewers on Monday, a week after they announced they were removing Tucker Carlson from their lineup.

FOX News has absolutely FLATLINED after firing their top-rated host Tucker Carlson!

By Wednesday of last week, FOX News had lost NEARLY HALF of their audience at Tucker’s 8 PM time slot.

Tucker was averaging 3.2 million viewers a night.
On Tuesday FOX News had only 1.7 million viewers at 8 PM.

And by Friday of last week FOX News audience sunk to 1.33 million viewers at 8 PM down from 3 million just one week ago.

That is a bloodbath.

Via Catturd2.

Fox News has lost 2/3 of their viewers. FAFO!

— Catturd (@catturd2) May 5, 2023

On Monday, one week after Tucker’s removal, FOX News saw 1.55 million viewers at the 8 PM slot. 

But the all-important 25-54 demo is down significantly since FOX News let Tucker go.
The bleeding hasn’t stopped.

TV RATINGS: Fox News was America’s most watched cable news channel in total viewers on Monday May 1st, led by these hours:
1. The Five: @DanaPerino @GregGutfeld @JesseBWatters @JudgeJeanine @JessicaTarlov
2. @jesseprimetime
3. @Maddow
4. @BretBaier
5. @seanhannity

— TV News Now (@TVNewsNow) May 2, 2023

Tyler Carditis from The Blaze Media reported:

Since firing Tucker Carlson, Fox News Channel’s ratings in the all-important 25-54 demo have fallen off a cliff:

•6pm ET: -42%
•7pm ET: -62%
•8pm ET: -75%
•9pm ET: -70%
•10pm ET: -66%
•11pm ET: -49%


— Tyler Carditis (@TyCardon) May 3, 2023

The audience is not coming back.

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