Let’s Bankrupt All the Pride Sponsors (With Joy and Conviction)

For once, for once in our lives, let us wage war. Not like in the old days, hand-to-hand combat is so last century, but ChatGPT to ChatGPT (“Tell me something that annoys my enemy, apart from my condescension”), and besides, fighting is vulgar.

Let’s be practical about this thing we call culture war. We have the Bud Light case going for us, and I think we’ve taught a lot of marketers in a lot of other brands around the world that we conservatives are not going to spend our lives looking the other way while they spit on us. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but he didn’t say anything about not poking your finger in an enemy’s eye once in a while. Besides, it’s self-defense, in defense of our values, our families, and everyone, really. (READ MORE: Dylan Mulvaney Offers Companies Exit Plan From Woke Stronghold)

America will soon be forced to endure the invasion of Pride Month, exemplifying over-the-top postmodern stupidity better than anything else. Proof of this is the fact that it is May and I am already writing about it because I have seen the press full of news about the event.

Without getting too far into the morality of the matter, Pride is a stupid holiday, as would be a Pride for those who like to go to bed early, or Pride for the obese — give it time — or the thin, or a Pride for those who love chocolate biscuits.

There is no Pride to celebrate in those, and besides, there is something we need to shout over and over again to our all-perverting society: pride has always been a bad thing. In fact, it is a sin. And, like all sins, even if you put morality to one side, they ultimately go against human nature.

Yet, just like every year, hundreds of brands, scared to death by the pressures from the Left — and others who are plainly enthused — will paint their logos multicolored, fund parades, and fill the market with the tedious propaganda for the thousand acronyms. Conservatives oppose firstly this brainwashing and secondly the aesthetics of these parades that worship ugliness and bad taste. But above all, above all, above all, we are against paying for this pagan festival that systematically offends the Christian beliefs and roots that carried the West into the golden years of our era.

Ourselves tired of being canceled, we will not cancel anyone, we will simply refuse to finance with our money this cult of depravity and sexualization of cities in plain sight of minors, refusing to buy drinks, hamburgers, computers, cars, and clothes from those who cooperate with our enemies. Let them understand that the time is over for them to urinate all over us and then make us foot the bill.

You might understand just how important this conservative grievance is when you realize that Pride has managed to do what none of my ex-girlfriends have been able to in decades: make me forgo a party.


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