Let’s Make Bilderberg, Not Davos, Great Again

Bad times for the rich of the Bilderberg Club. The masters of the world have been leaning toward Davos, which is the fashionable Masonic lodge, and Bilderberg is not what it used to be. Of course, the meeting being held in Lisbon will be attended by top political and corporate figures, and there is no chance that they will get together to do any good, but they are unlikely to make the front pages of the newspapers as when the WEF globalists meet, whose nonsensical proposals on environmentalism, social justice, and gender policies are capable of occupying an entire newscast.

Bilderberg must renew itself, and here are some ideas to retake the position of Davos and reclaim to the leadership of the degeneration of the globalist elites: 

The big topic this year is artificial intelligence. All you have to discuss there is how you can get everyone to think like you do. Since most humans are repulsed by the option of having an ideological chip installed in their brain when they are born, I think we have to fight back with AI. One of the options is reward or punishment. Let all AI robots demand, before doing what the user asks them to do, a test on gender politics. Those who get the answers woke-right will get what they asked for, whether it’s a hint about a postal address, a Wikipedia definition, or Alexa playing your favorite song. For those who get the answers wrong, the system will force them to listen — with toothpicks holding their eyes open — to a full lecture by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

At the Lisbon meeting they will talk about China, and the doubt I have is whether they will do so in positive terms, in very positive terms, or whether someone will melt his or her butt in gushing poems of admiration for Xi Jinping. To overtake Davos on the left, a good idea for Bilderberg would be to propose to do away with all social networks and integrate them into TikTok. I don’t know yet exactly how I would post against the government by gesticulating on TikTok, but I can think of a dance that Michael Jackson made fashionable that could be effective.

Another issue to be addressed is banking. There is nothing to discuss there. Let’s go back to basics: banking for the elites, debt for the middle classes. Easy. 

Following the planned agenda, the next topic to be discussed is energy. As you know, energy is neither created nor destroyed — in other words, it does not exist. The only thing that exists is environmentalism. Davos insists a lot on the pedestrianization of cities, putting an end to cars, and allowing only private airplane flights, those that instead of polluting spew rose petals out of their exhaust pipes. Bilderberg has to go a step further if it wants true green leadership in the world. I don’t think it is enough for us to travel by bike and eat insects. I think the time has come for us not to move and not to eat. Tourism is overrated. Hundreds of idiots are invading the center of historic cities dressed as if Satan himself was their go-to clothing designer. Also, tourists are fat because they eat too much in the countries they visit, and they smell bad, which has them spraying aerosol deodorants that are suffocating the bees and will cause a plague of angry bees, or the end of pollination, or a chemical war between supporters of one brand or another. Let’s put an end to tourism, let’s put an end to all mobility, let’s forbid leaving the house. If we don’t move, we won’t need to eat, either. I’m won over with this: Between eating cockroaches and not eating, I’ll be with Bilderberg in its commitment to non-intermittent fasting.

They are scheduled to discuss NATO. Former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana once said that Europe should be the “laboratory of world government.” On the other side of the pond, this role is played by Canada, where all the progressive filth that then finds its way to the United States is tested. Personally, I would leave NATO policy in the hands of the CEO of Pfizer, taking advantage of the fact that he is at Bilderberg this year. The first world-government rehearsal was a great success. 

Finally, before saying goodbye, to fully grab the front pages of all newspapers, we want something extravagant to happen between attendees on a personal level. I don’t mean flirting or anything like that, which is already too commonplace, and which always ends up with compromising videos, extortion, and things that make you lose faith in free sex. I think it would be more effective to have a discussion about who is more entitled to park his limousine at the very doors of the restaurant. There are several infiltrated Republicans who could instigate contention at gala dinner time. A flying oyster battle between the CEO of Microsoft and the secretary general of NATO on TikTok would be simply unbeatable for Davos. 

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