Sorry, Elon! Catturd Turns on Musk, Admits to Being ‘100% Wrong’ About Him

Even though Elon Musk spent his first official day as “Chief Twit” pledging to look into why Catturd was supposedly “ghostbanned” on Twitter, the notorious MAGA troll account has seemingly turned their back on the new Twitter boss.

“I admit when I’m wrong and I was 100% wrong about @elonmusk changing Twitter,” the anonymous user behind @catturd2 tweeted on Wednesday.

“The new Twitter moderation council is just a bunch of far left fanatic groups who were never targeted here. No average Joes, no real Conservatives, no one to represent the PEOPLE ACTUALLY TARGETED!”

Catturd, whose bio currently reads “Chief Turd” and sports a profile pic of a white cat, is apparently referencing Musk’s declaration that he won’t reverse the bans of any accounts until a new “content moderation council” is created.

Musk later claimed he was discussing with “civil society leaders” like the Anti-Defamation League about how Twitter should combat “hate & harassment,” adding on Tuesday night that he “will not allow anyone who was de-platformed for violating Twitter rules back” for at least another few weeks.

6 thoughts on “Sorry, Elon! Catturd Turns on Musk, Admits to Being ‘100% Wrong’ About Him”

  1. Hi Catturd!
    Love watching Gutfeld!
    I got a temporary (12hr) ban from @elonmusk for saying “someone? should get their ass kicked”
    I looked on my Twitter feed and could not find it, not saying I didn’t say it….I think ALOT of people are in need of a good ass kickin!
    This was MY opinion, which IS STILL free speech!

  2. Oh Dear, I got locked out also from a stinking little Bot at Twitter…really ticks me OFF!
    Love You Catturd, your my Hero! Please don’t STOP what you are doing.
    Candee Byrd

  3. Hey CT…ya probably dont remember me…you gave me a follow back years ago. 65 yr old Texas “rancher”…lost my account but it allows me to read your stuff.
    Trying to figure this podcast thing out…lol. Jewels and I exchanged some friendly chatter…enjoy reading you both.
    Keep up the great work…
    Hoping to get the account back soon

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